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What are the types of D-SUB connectors

What are the types of D-SUB connectors? By observing the D-SUB connector, the shape of its interface looks like a capital letter "D", so we usually call this type of connector D-SUB, which is an analog signal or digital interface signal interface Connector. According to the different fields and accessories used, it is divided into many types.
What are the types of D-SUB connectors
D-SUB connectors generally have 9, 15, 25, 26, 37, 44, 62, 78pins, which are distinguished by male and female headers. TXGA connectors have the difference between punching needles and bur needles, and the passing current is different, generally commonly used It is 9, 15pin. It can be classified into: D-SUB (punch needle), D-SUB (plug end series), D-SUB (punch needle double layer), D-SUB (car needle), D-SUB high current + mixed, specific Parameters and specifications can be viewed in the TXGA Connector Product Center.
However, these D-SUB connectors are now mostly used in the VGA series and DVI series. Typically, the VGA series (DA15 male and female) and parallel ports ( DB25 female), COM serial port (DE9 male), etc. There may be too many classifications of this type of D-SUB connector, so people nowadays habitually use the DB header to call this type of connector.


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