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Wire-to-wire connector testing

A good wire-to-wire connector must have been tempered and tested, and the connector test will involve the following aspects:
   1. Connector plug-in force test: to verify whether the connector plug-in force meets product specifications.
  2. Connector durability test: It is to evaluate the effect of repeated plug-in and pull-out on the connector, and to simulate the plug-in connector of the connector in actual use.
  3. Connector insulation resistance test: to verify whether the insulation performance of the connector meets the requirements of circuit design or when it is subjected to high temperature, humidity and other environmental stresses, whether its resistance meets the requirements of related technologies.
  4. Connector voltage withstand test: It is to verify whether the connector can work safely under the rated voltage and whether it can withstand overpotential ability, so as to assess whether the insulation material or insulation gap of the connector components meets the requirements.
   5. Connector contact resistance test: to verify the resistance value generated when current flows through the contact surface of the contact.
   6. Connector vibration test: to verify the impact of vibration on the performance of the connector and its components.
  7. Connector mechanical impact test: It is to verify the impact resistance of the connector and its components or to assess whether the structure of the connector is firm.
   8. Connector cold and heat test: to evaluate the impact of the connector on its functional quality under the rapid and large temperature difference.
  9. High temperature test of the connector: It is to evaluate whether the performance of the terminal and the insulator has changed after the specified time in the high temperature environment.
  10. Connector mixed gas corrosion test: to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the connector in mixed gas of different concentrations and its influence on its performance.


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