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Salt spray test of connectors

The salt spray environment mainly refers to the use of medical device connectors and electric vehicle connectors, as well as the underwater application environment. Under normal conditions, the salt spray environment refers to the salt spray environment formed by 5% salt solution, which is usually effective For those equipment or components that are directly exposed to salt and other environments, it is not a real environment. The normal exposure time is between 48 hours and 96 hours.
The salt spray test is usually used in the underwater environment of the connector and is usually used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of the metal connector shell (such as verifying the corrosion protection effect of the nickel plating on the surface of the zinc alloy die casting), and confirm the exposure by checking the DWV and insulation resistance The performance of the latter part confirms that the housing seal is effective.
The salt spray test is sometimes used for the evaluation of automotive connectors. When a car or truck is traveling, the location of these board-to-board connectors may contact components and splashing water on the ship, especially after snow in the northern winter. Salt is applied on highways to accelerate snow melting. These connectors are generally subjected to salt spray tests to verify their corrosion resistance. The verification standard is also to test the reliability of contact resistance, not to evaluate by inspecting the appearance. These connectors should be used together with the sealing ring to improve its salt spray resistance.


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