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Causes of damage to the M8 connector

In daily use, it is inevitable that the electrical connector will be damaged, which will cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore, we protect it during use. So what factors cause the damage of the M8 connector? Today, the editor will explain to everyone:
Reasons for M8 connector damage
(1) The electric connecting wire or the wire clamp is not enough current to be burned or broken.
(2) The electrical connection cable is seriously broken, and the strands or wires are burnt.
(3) The electrical connection wire is corroded seriously, causing the cross-sectional flow surface to be insufficient and the strand or wire is burnt.
(4) Poor contact between the M8 connection wire and the wire clamp or poor contact between the power supply wire clamp and the contact wire, causing burns.
(5) The current-carrying surface of the wire clamp and the lead is not contacted enough, causing burning.
(6) A certain place where the clamp nut is loose is not found and treated in time, causing the electrical connector to fall off.
(7) After the electrical connector is installed, there is no temperature change offset reserved or the offset reserved too little.
(8) After the electrical connector is installed, the reserved value of the temperature change offset is large, and the vertical electrical connection line between the load-bearing cable and the contact line relaxes until it relaxes to the lower part of the contact line and is hit by the pantograph in operation Broken or cut off. The distance between the bottom ring of the vertical part and the contact line is too small, and it is damaged by the pantograph.
(9) The skewed installation of the power supply clamp on the contact wire was knocked out by the pantograph, which caused a bow-cutting accident.
(10) If the catenary is cut at other positions, the pantograph continues to run to the place where the electrical connector is installed, and the electrical connector is broken.


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