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Electroplating process method of automobile connector

There are several types of electroplating process methods for automobile connectors:
1. Liquid level control method
   Control the plating solution level so that the flowing plating solution only floods the parts that need to be plated. The method is simple in equipment, easy to operate, can be operated manually, or can be automated production.
2. Coating barrier film method
   Apply insulating glue or lacquer to the parts that do not need electroplating, then electroplating, and then remove the insulating glue or lacquer after plating.
   The plated parts are clamped in a special plastic splint lined with silicone rubber by the clamp method, a hole is made in the part that needs electroplating, and the plastic splint is removed after plating.
Electroplating process method and high-speed electroplating treatment of automobile connector
   High-speed electroplating of automobile connectors
   Printed circuit board connectors, ribbon cable connectors and switch reeds, etc., can adopt automatic high-speed selective electroplating with strip materials, and can be plated with gold, silver and other metals. The process flow is as follows: electrolytic degreasing, water washing, corrosion activation, high-speed selective plating, and post-plating treatment.


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