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What are the advantages of cable connectors?

There are many uses for cable connectors. Many people don’t know much about cable connectors. What are the advantages of cable connectors? What is the structure of the cable connector? Today, the engineer of Lilutong Connector takes everyone to understand the knowledge of cable connector!
Advantages of cable connectors:
The cable connector has the characteristics of high insulation performance, fast insertion, convenient operation, flexible and reliable, etc., it is the most advanced mining cable connector in the industry, suitable for flammable, explosive, and poor working environment.
Structural features of cable connector:
The cable connector is composed of two main parts: a plug part and a socket part. The socket component is installed on the machine or other equipment that requires AC voltage. After the plug component and the cable are installed, it is inserted into the socket and the power is fed into the equipment that needs to provide power.
The connection method of the internal wires of the cable connector:
1. Take the screw or bolt connection with anti-loosening measures. This connection method is safe and reliable;
2. Connect the wires to be connected by mechanical extrusion. This connection method has better conductivity;
3. A connection method that uses both mechanical connection and welding connection;
4. Adopt brazing or welding connection.


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